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In order to ensure that after-school systems are sustainable over time, intermediaries have an essential role to play in securing a diverse mix of public and private funding. Because after-school systems are affected by shifts in both the political and philanthropic landscape, systems-builders must have reliable funding in place to maintain and expand quality services year after year.

After-school intermediaries scan public and private funding streams, pool resources that can be used to support after-school services, and work to attract private funding to the field in order to serve growing numbers of children and youth. Intermediaries have successfully employed strategies which include:

  • Diversifying revenue sources
  • Implementing cost models for programs to follow
  • Establishing matching requirements for program providers
  • Redirecting public money to after-school

To learn more about how CBASS intermediaries have raised and leveraged funds for after-school in their cities, read about the experiences of:

Shaping the Future of After-School

25 Sep 2007, Collaborative for Building After-School Systems

The Collaborative (CBASS) published this report to document the critical role intermediaries play in the development of after-school systems in their cities. This report shows how intermediaries have helped increase the quality, sustainability, and availability of after-school and offers a vision for public policy change to support the continued growth of after-school.

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