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As after-school systems grow to serve large numbers of students, systems-builders must ensure that programs are accountable for their day-to-day performance and ongoing impact on children and youth. CBASS partners developed tools and methods to improve accountability in their cities in order to demonstrate to funders and policymakers that local services were achieving results. This included creating tools to monitor standards of program quality, developing and implementing systems to collect and manage data, conducting research and evaluation of program effectiveness, and allocating funds based on program performance. These procedures are managed by intermediaries, government agencies or a combination of both.

To learn more about how CBASS intermediaries have made after-school systems more accountable, read about the experiences of:

Shaping the Future of After-School

25 Sep 2007, Collaborative for Building After-School Systems

The Collaborative (CBASS) published this report to document the critical role intermediaries play in the development of after-school systems in their cities. This report shows how intermediaries have helped increase the quality, sustainability, and availability of after-school and offers a vision for public policy change to support the continued growth of after-school.

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