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Every Hour Counts partners have increased both the number and quality of after-school programs offered in their cities, working within their localities to build sustainable after-school systems from previously disconnected agencies, institutions, and individuals. Among the first generation of challenges after-school systems-builders face is to organize these stakeholders and unite them around a shared vision of quality after school Every Hour Counts intermediaries have made significant progress in their cities, building systems that collectively serve 240,000 kids per year. Their accomplishments to date include:

  • Increasing Accountability of after-school program providers by creating quality standards and conducting research and evaluation
  • Increasing Funding and Promoting Sustainability by ensuring that a diverse pool of resources are devoted to after school
  • Innovating Service Models and Expanding Quality Programming to deliver scalable after-school services that meet the diverse needs of children and youth of all ages, races, socio-economic backgrounds, and both genders
  • Changing Public Policy to raise awareness of the need for after-school programs and bring resources to the field
  • Building Workforce Capacity by training staff on education and youth development principles
  • Connecting Services and resources by linking schools to program providers and community organizations, coordinating transportation, and organizing social services

While the task of developing after-school systems will be different for each local jurisdiction, Every Hour Counts partners have learned from experience that core building blocks must be in place to support quality growth. Learn more about the way that Every Hour Counts partners are building systems in their cities by increasing accountability, increasing and promoting sustainable funding and expanding programs.

Out-of-School Time Policy Commentary: Speaking in One Voice

10 Nov 2008, Forum for Youth Investment

This policy commentary by the Forum for Youth Investment highlights the work of TASC and its partners in the Collaborative for Building After-School Systems (CBASS) to develop and adopt common youth-, program- and system-level measures that are easy and cost-effective for local systems to implement.

Shaping the Future of After-School

25 Sep 2007, Collaborative for Building After-School Systems

The Collaborative (CBASS) published this report to document the critical role intermediaries play in the development of after-school systems in their cities. This report shows how intermediaries have helped increase the quality, sustainability, and availability of after-school and offers a vision for public policy change to support the continued growth of after-school.

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