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Full operating costs for the ASAP initiative average $3,500 per participant with stipends and staffing as the largest expenditures.

Other costs include public transportation to accommodate extra trips for students to activities after-school and on the weekends, program supplies and equipment, and t-shirts or uniforms. Programs should also budget for snacks, particularly since students may have long commutes during the evening hours.

Informed by the ASAP initiatives in New York, Providence and Boston, below is a sample cost model for an ASAP program with 20 participants. Students in all three cities received a stipend of $280 for full participation in the spring apprenticeship and an hourly wage ranging from $7.25 to $10 per hour for the summer internship, totaling $970 to $1550 per participant. Please note that these figures may vary according to city needs and/or minimum wages.

Category Amount
Intermediary ASAP Manager $5,000
ASAP community partner staff and instructors* $12,000
Spring apprenticeship stipend ($280/student) $5,600
Summer internship wages ($8/hr, 25 hrs/wk, 6 wks) $24,000
Training sessions for youth (orientation, youth development training, etc.) $3,000
Staff professional development (ASAP guiding principles) $2,000
Fringe (25% of FT/ PT, 12% for youth) $8,500
Total Personnel $60,100
Other than Personnel Services (OTPS)
Supplies/Materials (e.g. t-shirts, sports equipment, art supplies, etc.) $4,000
Travel (e.g. youth metrocards, transportation) $3,000
Other costs (e.g. food, field trips, etc.) $4,000
Total OTPS $11,000

* Personnel expenses varied by jurisdiction, but the average cost per instructor was $30/hour.