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the after-school corporation logoExpandED Schools (formerly TASC) piloted ASAP in 2008 at two sites in New York City and expanded the initiative in 2009 to include five additional sites.

In the pilot year, ExpandED Schools partnered with two community organizations, Asphalt Green and Samuel Field YM and YWHA, that trained and served 40 teens in basketball and soccer apprenticeships. After successfully completing the spring training, teens were placed in paid internships where they worked at the training partners’ summer camps, leading younger children in soccer and basketball drills and games, communicating with parents, and helping group leaders manage children throughout the camp day.

Initial results from the 2008 year were positive. High school students’ combined attendance averaged 85%. Of 40 participants, 34 successfully completed their summer internships, and 17 were offered continued employment during the following school year. Program staff reported that teen participants improved in their self-confidence, understanding of life skills and ability to work as a team. Apprentices reported gains in problem-solving skills, leadership, patience, responsibility and working with and understanding children. Many teens stated that if they hadn’t been involved in the program, they would have been “getting into trouble” or sitting at home.

Info ExpandED Schools non-profit partners for the 2009 apprenticeship cycle include:

America SCORES
Asphalt Green
Henry Street Settlement
Kids Creative
Samuel Field YM & YWHA
Studio in a School
Urban Dove

When ExpandED Schools scaled up the program in 2009 and expanded discipline areas, it issued an RFP to identify community organizations that could provide high-quality instruction and supervision to support the initiative. Leveraging additional support from the Pinkerton Foundation and New York Times Neediest Cases Fund, ExpandED Schools expanded the ASAP program to seven program sites, serving a total of 140 youth in coaches-in-training and arts apprenticeships. ExpandED Schools continued its partnership with the Urban Assembly, a community of content-specific New York City Public Schools, to recruit and provide ongoing support to nearly 40% of ASAP participants. Throughout the apprenticeship and internship, apprentices were encouraged to complete weekly journal entries reflecting on the highlights of ASAP, challenges they have encountered as well as their college and career interests.

More than one-third of the apprentices were hired after the program to work during the school year in after-school programs run by ASAP community partners or at other organizations, such as community pools, utilizing the skills gained during their ASAP experience.