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Integrating Expanded Learning and School Reform Initiatives: Challenges and Strategies

16 Feb 2010, Learning Point Associates & CBASS
To ensure well-designed expanded learning opportunities take root across the country, this policy brief sets forth a set of six recommendations to address challenges to a broad adoption of expanded learning strategies in school reform initiatives.

Job Opportunity: Every Hour Counts Communications & Policy Manager

2 Jun 2014

Every Hour Counts is hiring a Communications and Policy Manager. We're looking for a visionary thinker and communicator responsible for coordinating and conducting activities to support our national communications and field-building strategy.

Job Opportunity: Every Hour Counts Communications Intern

3 Jun 2014
The Communications Intern will be responsible for supporting Every Hour Counts’ national communications and field-building strategy. The Intern will conduct key operational tasks, including event planning, conference planning, listserv and website support, and updating social media.

Join us for our Third Annual System-Building Institute!

24 May 2016
Are you interested in bringing high-quality expanded learning opportunities to scale in your community? Are you eager to hear first-hand from innovators about their experiences building systems? Do you want to connect with peers who are tackling similar challenges and figure out solutions together?

Join Every Hour Counts for our Third Annual System-Building Institute, August 3-4, 2016, in Chicago.

Lend Your Voice to Support The Community Partnerships in Education Act

6 Oct 2014
Yesterday, Congressman David Cicilline of Rhode Island unveiled new legislation to strengthen afterschool systems and improve educational outcomes for students across the country. This bill, the Community Partnerships in Education Act, would:
• Ensure strong school-community partnerships for program planning, professional development, school curricula, and student data;
• Strengthen the role of results-oriented intermediaries;
• Advance the growth of effective systems through data sharing;
• Improve program accountability by incorporating academic achievement and 21st century skills, such as critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and collaboration as part of measurable program outcomes; and
• Support students in YOUR community!

Making the Connections: A Report on the First National Survey of Out-of-School Time Intermediary Organizations

22 Jun 2012, CBASS
The purpose of this survey of intermediary organizations is to better understand what intermediaries do, pinpoint the ways in which they’ve made the greatest gains, and suggest ways for spreading the progress.

March 2014 e-news

27 Mar 2014
Our spring 2014 newsletter features new guides for supporting informal STEM education, summer learning, and expanded learning opportunities for high-school students.

March 2015 E-news

6 Mar 2015
In our March 2015 e-newsletter, sign on in support of school and community partnerships, read the results from RAND's new study on summer learning, and find out more about our West Coast System-Building Institute.

Measuring the Success of After-School Programs and Systems

20 Jul 2007, The Collaborative for Building After-School Systems

Messages Made Simple: Communications Toolkit for Expanded Learning

5 May 2016, Every Hour Counts
This messaging toolkit is for organizations that use expanded
learning to improve opportunities and outcomes for youth. It builds on
a collaborative process conducted by Every Hour Counts partners and is
available to organizations working in expanded learning, organizations that
are building expanded-learning systems, and anyone else who wants to
communicate clearly about this important work. The toolkit focuses on helping the field use clear, crisp, consistent language.

In addition to providing strategies and tips for communicating effectively,
it provides language to explain the value of expanded learning, the work
of intermediaries, and the role of expanded-learning systems in improving
outcomes for youth.

More Time for Learning: ELT Initiatives & Enrichment Opportunities

24 Jun 2008, Collaborative for Building After-School Systems
The Collaborative for Building After-School Systems (CBASS) published this policy brief to explore Expanded Learning Time (ELT) initiatives, a school reform strategy that lengthens the traditional school day or year to increase learning time.

NAA 2011 Presentation: Engaging Older Youth in After-School: Successful Strategies from the Field

15 Apr 2011
With nearly one-third of incoming 9th graders dropping out of school before they graduate, the need to engage and sustain more young people through high school and post-secondary success is urgent. High-quality after-school and summer programs can bolster young people’s engagement in school and improve their chances to graduate and achieve success in college and careers.

NAA 2011 Presentation: Expanded Learning Time: Building Off the Best of After-School Through Policy and Practice

15 Apr 2011
Expanded learning time is a strategy to enhance education by increasing the time and expanding the ways students can learn, within and beyond the classroom.

New Partner Letter of Interest

7 Dec 2015
Every Hour Counts is issuing this Request for Letters of Interest to expand our reach, influence, and expertise by adding two to four local expanded learning systems to our partnership. Letters of Interest will help us better understand the scope of intermediary organizations interested in joining Every Hour Counts. Becoming a Partner of Every Hour Counts offers expanded learning intermediaries the opportunity to learn with system-building peers as well as share and highlight their own approaches, improve their practices, and design solutions to shared challenges facing the field. Letters of Interest are due on January 15, 2016.

November 2015 E-news

5 Nov 2014
In our fall 2015 newsletter, learn how our new Measurement Framework can help you evaluate and improve your systems-building work, sign on to a new bill that would expand and improve school-community partnerships around the country, and learn about our March 2015 Systems-Building Institute.
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